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All of existence is a miracle, you only forgot that it is.

To better explain this notion, I would like to once again use the billionaire metaphor. I think it is such a good one, because we can all relate to what a relief it would be if we suddenly found ourselves with limitless amounts of money. So just imagine for a moment that you are a billionaire. Your pockets are deep and boundless. You can buy anything you want, at anytime. Instead of wallpaper, you use dollar bills. When it rains at your house, it rains silver dollars. Use whatever imagery you can to truly imagine what it would feel like to be a billionaire.

Now…imagine that you forgot. You are still a billionaire, but you forgot that you were. For some reason, you thought you were broke. Any little unexpected cost that comes up throws you into a panic. You don’t know you are a billionaire, so you think you don’t have the money to pay for whatever it is. Seems crazy or silly, doesn’t it? How could one possibly forget such a thing? Furthermore, what would it take for you to remember that you are a billionaire, so that all of your worries could cease? Could I just tell you? Well…let us try.

everything is a miracle

Every single thing is a miracle. All is beautiful, awesome, incredible, perfect and extraordinary…exactly the way it is. Stop for a moment and let that sink in. Every single thing is a miracle…exactly the way it is. Do you feel better? Do you feel like you will never have another worry again for the rest of your life?

Most minds start thinking of reasons why that isn’t true. With all of the hardships and tragedies humans have experienced and will experience in the future, it seems impossible to cease worry. How can one always remember that everything is a miracle, when the outside world doesn’t always seem to reflect that truth?

What I came to see last evening, and what I would like to share with each of you, is that it is our belief in the human mind that makes us forget. (Our minds forgot we were billionaires and we chose to believe it.) Anytime we judge another person, or wish the world to be different than what it is, we are having thoughts that go against what the world really is. In other words, we are having thoughts about the way the world is, and choosing the believe them. When in actuality, everything just is what it is.

thoughts vs reality

That is the nature of a belief. Anytime we believe our thoughts to be true, we take ourselves away from whatever is really happening. For example, two women are in a store looking at clothes. The first women bumps into the second and keeps on walking. No apologies. The second women that got bumped into starts thinking. “Why would that women not apologize? That was really rude. She must not have any concern for other human beings. I would never do that to someone. I should go tell her off. Better yet, I should go bump into her and keep walking.” So it is important to recognize in this scenario that the second women had thoughts about what happened, and she chose to believe them. She thought that the woman was inconsiderate, and as a result, was willing to act on that belief. In truth, what really happened, was one woman bumped into another. That doesn’t mean that we won’t have our thoughts about why another person acts the way they do, we can just realize that we have the choice whether or not we choose to believe them.

I realize that this may be hard for some to comprehend. The mind will try to make sense out of what I am saying. In actuality, the limited mind cannot completely comprehend all of this, as much as it may want to. The reason being is that the mind is a tool to navigate the world around us. The mind is not who we are. Yet, so many of us think that is who we are. No wonder so many of us suffer from depression, anxiety, worry or fear on a daily basis. Would you want to be that crazy mind that is ready to fight a woman for bumping into you a store? Of course not. None of us want that. What we all want is peace and freedom from the worries that bind us.

To live in a constant state of personal freedom, one simply needs to stop identifying with their thoughts. As funny as it sounds, we need to stop believing what we think. That doesn’t mean the insane thoughts will not be there, we just have to see them for what they are, and realize they are not who we are. The truth is that everything is a miracle, and while we may not always be able to perceive that through our minds, everything is really okay.

the sky is always blueIt can be better understood through a great metaphor I once heard. The sky is always blue. Sometimes we look up and see gray clouds, so we think the sky is gray, but the clouds only veil the vast ocean of blue that is always there. Just because we can’t always see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Our ability to perceive the blue sky isn’t necessary to know it is true.

Let me close this post by saying that you do not have to do/think/believe anything I wrote. You can absolutely choose to believe your thoughts every single day of your life. We can live every moment of our life judging, hating, and fighting with reality…and it is okay. It is okay because it is not the truth. The truth is that everything is a miracle, including you and your thoughts. I can only speak for myself in saying that I do not want to go my entire life believing I am broke, and only in death find out that I was a billionaire my entire life and just couldn’t see it—because I was too preoccupied believing my thoughts that I was not. The choice is yours. Either way, everything is truly okay.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.—Albert Einstein