miracleAll blogs must begin somewhere. They need a name and a purpose and more importantly, someone who will be willing to write…ideally, on a regular basis.

When selecting a name it became clear I needed to clarify my purpose for this blog. I immediately knew what I didn’t want this blog to become; a playground for my ego. I do not want to pretend that I have figured out the entirety of life and know what is in everyone’s best interest. That would be a lie. All I know is what I have come to know from my own unique experiences and interpretations of them. That is all we can ever know. My goal is to share some of the things I have come across with you in the hope that it might expand your viewpoint on your own life. In the case that what I say does not resonate with your heart, then it might not be for you.

So why “Awaken a Miracle”? What is a miracle? Most of us view miracles as being some rare occurrence that happens upon an individual in their hour of need, and that allows them to be healed or saved when the odds were against them. Most of us might also agree that there is some type of divine intervention involved in such happenings. What I have come to learn is that miracles are not only common, they are possible for everyone. They exist for everyone that opens themselves up to seeing the God inside of everything; including themselves. Understanding how to “see” more clearly is my personal lifelong goal.

A Course in Miracles defines a miracle as a shift in perception. What is a perception? A perception is our unique way of seeing the world. It is how we interpret the events that happen around us. A miracle is a shift from a perception of fear to a perception of love. It is not something that happens outside of us but from the inside. When we change our way of seeing, the world around us also changes. Why would we not want to see the beauty that exists inside of everything and everyone?

Awakening to the realization of that shift is a journey that I endeavor to share with you.